Abrakadabra Slot Overview

Today, magicians use the term “Abracadabra” to perform tricks. Abracadabra was first referenced in the Liber Medicinalis in the second century, although its origin is unknown. Malaria sufferers should wear a triangle amulet with the phrase abracadabra, according to Serenus Sammonicus, Caracalla’s physician. We cannot comment on the effectiveness of this cure as we have not tested it. However, the world may seem odd at times. Abrakadabra, an online slot by Armenian studio Peter & Sons, explores this weirder aspect of life. A slot with several characteristics, monsters, and magic.

Sometimes a Peter & Sons game may be seen at a glance; sometimes it takes longer. Abrakadabra’s Peter & Sons style is readily recognizable. Peter & Sons has worked with magic before, in Voodoo Hex, and Abrakadabra’s intriguing characters make it ideal for the studio’s distinctive art style. Player discover themselves in a mystery outdoor setting with a wizardy bloke next to the growing win multiplier on one side and a translucent game grid with an odd brown structure on the right. Players who liked Peter & Sons’ previous games should like Abrakadabra’s unique characters, esoteric subject matter, and lively animations.

An additional power reel tops a 5×3 main grid in Abrakadabra. Despite its juvenile appearance, this volatile online slot has a default return to player of 96.07% when wagering 20 p/c to £/€100 each spin. For an additional 20% investment, the Power Bet doubles the probability of free spins. Two feature buys are listed below.

Winning ways cause a cascade where winning symbols are withdrawn, power reel symbols replace the gaps, and cascading symbols fill the rest. Repeat cascades until no victory. Instead of paylines, Abrakadabra wins when matching symbols land on neighboring reels from the leftmost reel. This gives 243 winning combinations. Abrakadabra pays 0.25 to 0.35 times the stake for 5 OAK with J, Q, K, and A cards. A witch, skeleton, green jelly-like thing, and reddy orange entity follow. Prizes for 5 premium symbols range from 0.55 to 2.5 times the investment. Wilds substitute any normal paying symbol to help link wins.

Abrakadabra Slot Features

Abrakadabra has a power reel, Wild Lives, Multiplier Powerup, Step Multiplier, free spins, Super free spins, Wild Placement, and a bonus purchase.

Power Reel

The power reel of Abrakadabra runs above the grid. When cascades eliminate winning symbols, power reel symbols are released. The symbols are wilds with lives and powerups with extra free spins or multipliers.

Wild Lives

Wilds have 1–3 lifetimes. On the grid, wilds stay till their lives are used. A life is utilized each cascade or spin.

Multiplier boost

This only works in free and Super free spins. It increases the multiplier by +1 step in free spins or +1-3 steps in Super free spins when it descends. Multiplier Powerups increase their steps if released simultaneously.

Step Multiplier

Win multiplier grows with each win. The multiplier resets after a cascade run in the regular game but not in free spins or Super free spins. The multiplier increases in steps of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The multiplier rises from x1 to x16.

Free Spins

Three scatters on the grid provide 7 free spins, and each additional scatter adds 2 more. Free spins include a wild placement feature triggered randomly if the power reel has 2 or more wilds at the conclusion of cascades or on a non-winning spin, as well as the non-resetting win multiplier and Multiplier Powerup. Triggered wilds can appear anywhere on the grid.

Super Free Spins

Collection occurs when 1 or 2 scatters are on the grid. When 450 are gathered, 10 Super free spins are given. Super free spins are like ordinary spins, except the Multiplier Powerup can enhance the multiplier by +3.

Buy Free Spins.

Players may buy free spins entry in two ways. One costs 90x the wager for 7 free spins, the other 120x for a random 7-11.

Abrakadabra Slot Results

It was good to see Peter & Sons back in action after a while. Abrakadabra exemplifies the studio’s work. Abrakadabra’s appearance and feel evoke P&S games like Valkyries, which had a power reel, and Cauldron, a magic-themed slot with Super free spins scatters. Players who have enjoyed the team’s prior games should feel comfortable entering Abrakadabra’s world and seeing if it can do some magic for them.

Much of Abrakadabra’s content has been utilized previously, thus gamblers who prefer to explore fresh games may not be interested. That doesn’t appear to be Abrakadabra’s goal. Instead, it’s about entering a wonderful realm with personality and a few gimmicks. Tricks may be powerful. A growing win multiplier is normal, but Abrakadabra’s increment method might provide a thrilling parabolic effect. Super free spins keep the game interesting, and winning 10,000x the amount is a highlight.

Peter & Sons’ arrival was like a breath of fresh air. Nothing on the market resembled what the studio was releasing. While games like Abrakadabra are entertaining and charming, Peter & Sons has yet to develop a significant slot symbol, so it seems like the firm has reached a comfortable plateau.

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